26 March 2014

beautiful way

it's about time i blogged again. it has been an insanely busy month, i cannot even begin to explain the stress i have been feeling. but all in all, i happy with the past month and everything i have accomplished. it feels good to see hard work pay off. 
i am in the midst of starting my own photography business, nothing huge, just something to do on the side. i have been taking pictures of upcoming bands and shows, some restaurants trying to build their website, but mostly i have been focusing on my artistic stuff for my personal enjoyment. 
additionally i recently began interning at Nineteenth Amendment, y'all should definitely go check out what they are doing. they are revolutionizing the fashion industry a day at a time and i am so inspired to see them fight for what they believe in. 
as a start-up, they could use all the support they can get so please check them out! 
Nineteenth Amendment
this past month has been filled with shoot after shoot. my career as a stylist is taking off, and i hope i never hit a brick wall. i am learning everyday and falling in love with fashion even more than i thought possible. in the realms of fashion, photography, and art--i working harder than i ever have before to get somewhere. 
(but who knows, ill probably end up a stay-at-home with nine kids...and i am perfectly content with that).
rather than bore with with the written details of the past 24 days, i would rather show you in pictures. hold on to your seats ladies and gents, and place your finger on that scroll bar. 

ALSO, check out some of my work at: fox + revolver photography, like my page if you like what you see!

thanks for sticking around, and i promise i will be posting more frequently for now on! 



  1. Wow these shoots are wonderful just love them, great, styling, makeup, hair and photography. Love! Cute blog following via Bloglovin. And if you are ever in NY I would love to invite you to few events I am co-hosting with a fashion pr firm.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. Congrats on all of the accomplishments Maggie! Being busy, while stressful, is so much fun. Before you know it, you look back and think, wow, did i do that?! Glad i can keep up with your adventures on insta :)

    xx Hélène


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