20 February 2014

post tropical

bonjour my friends! 
i hope everyone experiencing this snow-crazed winter with an optimistic attitude--i know it gets tough sometimes. i feel as if everyday is a snow day. i've found myself getting bored and in need of some new activities. all this baking is getting me fat. (though i'd rather be fat and bake than skinny and not eat). i'm back in nh, boston is rather problematic this season. i look forward to the day where grass can be seen again and i can wear shoes without the threat of ruining them due to heavy slush. it's hard to dress cute in such harsh weather! 
here's another week in photos

aint he a cutie? god i love this little man. oh! i forgot to mention, i recently got a gig as a nanny. i am quite content, i love kids and i feel nannying will be perfect for me.
stay warm everyone! 


  1. thank you for your sweet comment! it's such an honour to be on someone's blog list :) your blog is great, too..your photos are so fresh and interesting.

  2. Ughhh this winter is going to be the death of me seriously... All of your baking looks so amazing (those breads!), you look like such a pro at it. And story of my life: i love baking too but try not to do it too often because then i just end up eating everything.

    Your insta account is the shit btw, i really enjoy it :)

    xx Hélène


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