20 December 2013

dance while you can

a quick heads up to where you can find me elsewhere:

also, i sell vintage merchandise on etsy if you're ever in the online thrifting mood!

in the meantime, good morning!

i am starting off this morning right with good reads and recipe searching.

i recently helped my film-student-friend out with her final project inspired by andy warhol's screen-tests. you should check it out!

It Stripes Us of Our Parlor: A Collective History (Video Link)

i thought it would be fun to show you who my biggest inspirations are as well--not only in the fashion world but simply people who catch my eye and allow me to feel immensely inspired.

edie sedgwick makes the top of the list. i have never been more inspired by one person. she is literally a doll. 

lykke li is next. usually i listen to either slow singer songwriter stuff or heavy rock n roll, but her music is amazing. i am addicted to her attitude, sound, and sense of style.

what would the world be like without courtney love? hole is probably one of my favorite groups of all time. punk meets rock meets feminism meet that red lip stick. (i swear by my red lips thanks to her). 

and to be more current, alexa chung is my number one style icon. (her book is amazing too). how this girl can look completely punk rock one day but then be the face of a madewell line the next is beyond me, but god i love her for it. 

i'd love to hear your fashion icons! i want to find inspiration anywhere i can. 

18 December 2013

a winter wonderland

how lovely is this season? besides the constant chill of an old colonial house in nh during decemeber, i do love this time of year. i spent today with an old friend. we enjoyed the snow and literally spent the entirety of today drinking coffee and reading magazine for inspiration for the upcoming season. my spring wish-list is currently under construction 
(kate spade, i'm coming for you). 

as you may be able to tell, the upper east corner of the us is facing quite a snowy season.

what i wore:
vintage sweater
madewell black skinnies
vintage belt
dolce vita booties

aint she a cutie? i do love this girl and her flawless sense of style.

what olivia wore:
madewell scarf
burberry coat
american eagle skinnies
nordstrom booties

my current reading list:

everyone needs to go pick up alexa chung's new book. it is amazing.

i hope everyone is having a stress-free holiday season! i can't wait to do spend tomorrow in the kitchen baking up a storm. 


14 December 2013

rainbow in the dark

ah finals week. in other words, the week where nothing is real. no sleep, too much junk food, and deliriousness. however, i am quite looking forward to going back to the country for the holidays. i love the peacefulness of winter, and somehow that does not exist in the heart of the city.

finals week attire:
uo beanie
vintage crew neck sweatshirt
nike sweatpants

i was so excited to see the launch of em Mag last night. after a busy semester of styling for the magazine, i was excited to see the final product. 

boston is receiving its first big snow storm of the season as we speak. yay for snow! 
happy holidays everyone! 


08 December 2013

keep on waking

three cheers for enjoyable eventful weeks! i met will ferrell, saw an early screening of anchorman 2, and won second place in a styling competition. (and had time to do a top knot shot...it was a good bun day).

my line had an art deco theme. i put my models in very gatsby-esque vintage garments. we had a lovely time. you can't see my whole outfit, i regret not taking a picture to share--the day was so busy it was the last thing on my mind. but my top is 1940s vintage from switzerland. it came with a matching skirt and it is absolutely divine. 


03 December 2013

sea of love

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” 
my favorite quote from my favorite book. it reminds me to keep moving forward even when the terrain gets rough. fitzgerald wrote those words in the great gatsby.
i have been struggling lately. as a young adult, it is sometimes hard to know if you are on the right path-- if you should continue forward or take a few steps back. sometimes i wish there was a manual to life, but that would simply be too easy. 
anyways, today i did enjoy myself for the most part. it twas a busy day with class and meetings but i did manage to meet my dear friend madeline for coffee. 

what i wore:
vintage sweater
daniel rainn blazer
madewell shorts
topshop tights
and of course my lovely black booties 

if you are ever in the area, the boston common coffee co is located on washington street and is quite divine. 

i ran away from my problems tonight and walked 3 miles (in wedges) to allston to go to my favorite (but very overpriced) goodwill. they're always wonderful vintage gems hidden in their racks. why did i walk you ask? my feet are asking me that same question. but in all honesty, i needed the fresh air.

as a quick side note, today in class my favorite professor (with amazing style) showed us this gorgeous book with indescribable artwork. i fell in love. Daniel Egneus is a genius. please look up his work. 

angie (my professor) always writes inspirational quotes for us to take in. today's was:
"laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. life's too short to be anything but happy".

be happy y'all.