21 January 2014

atlas hands

boston i have returned! and it feels so good. after a month away from the mfa, i knew i needed to make a trip (this was probably my 15th trip to the museum, don't judge). looking at the fabulous paintings that line the walls always soothes me and makes me feel at peace. luckily the weather yesterday was beautiful so a nice long walk was in order too. i dressed for the occasion. 

vintage calvin klein oversized sweater, betsy johnson tights, & vintage purse from paris

it was a lovely weekend. im currently suffering through an awful tuesday...eight hours of class. next weekend could not come soon enough.  

12 January 2014

damn i love you

happy sunday! it is a productive sunday for moi. ive been packing for my return to the city and getting mentally prepared for the golden globes tonight (am i the only one who is more excited for the pre-show red carpet then the actual award show?) i simply cannot wait to see who everyone is wearing this evening. but until then ill be spending today with the family, all cozied up in my new favorite sweater.

vintage sweater, american apparel jeans, h&m booties.

i am obsessed with my new boots, h&m did well. 

as you very well may know, i spend 99% of my time awake either looking at art or making art so i thought it was be fun to show you my studio space where i paint and keep my favorite treasures. 
i am quite the stars wars fanatic so a few months ago i painted jango fett. 

my desk is always covered, i never actually use it to be honest. instead i pile on travel books, my sketches, inspiration books, and random knick knacks i pick up from time to time and fall in love with. i draw a lot of profiles, as pictured. and i just finished a few pages in my inspo art dedicated to tony alva and jay adams and the iconic z-boys. confession: i am well invested in the art of skating culture, i even skate from time to time. 

and here is my night stand. i picked up the print from a street vender in paris and have carried it with me through five moves across countries and states. pictured: kate spade's 2014 planner, i couldn't live without it--it has saved my life numerous times. my journal and alexa chung's "it". fun fact: i buy a cute knick knack from every art museum i go to, its a growing collection. this mug is from the MFA in boston and i adore it. 

on a complete side note, lately i have been listening to a lot of keaton henson and i would recommend his music to anyone who likes beautiful lyrics and an soothing acoustic sound. my favorite song of his is "you".  and for now i will leave you with poindexter, who made me shiver with these words.


08 January 2014

strangeness and charm

good morning loves! 
i will be returning to boston in less than a week and as much as i miss the city, i am sad to leave the peacefulness of country living. i am trying to do my best in appreciating the little things about this gorgeous place. 

what i wore: hand knit beanie, vintage leather, madewell sweater, american apparel skinnies, & my metallic dr martens. 

a view from outside my window

this morning i woke up to the lovely sounds of gatsby-era ragtime music. it was perfect.
i also thought id share my latest painting, dedicated to one of my most beloved fashion icons, edie sedgwick.

one reason i love fashion is because it is like wearable art, and above all other things, i love art. 


01 January 2014


happy new year from birdie & i! 

i truly hope everyone has a fantastic new year and takes advantage of this fresh start. rather than start off the new year in the gym with the resolution to lose 15 pounds, i would prefer to start the new year with love and happiness with myself and my loved ones. i have such a good feeling about 2014, for starters i have finalized my plans to spend this summer in london (2+ months in the uk!) let the adventures begin! i also have teamed up with my love and started a photography and art business called fox + revolver (will post launch details soon). and lastly, i get to continue to live in america's historic city! (even though the wind chill on boston's streets should have me locked indoors until may). 

i would love to hear everyone's new years resolutions/ goals. let's make 2014 great! 

today i am head to toe in vintage clothing. (the leather jacket in the second picture is my new baby).