30 October 2013

the classic 'all-about-music' post

i decided to do a post on music. music is my release, i listen to such a wide variety.  i encourage you to take a moment and let these artists change your life as they have changed mine.

it is impossible for me to state my all time favorite bands/ musicians, but i can say without hesitation the clash is at the top of the list. 

wavves is incredible. their lyrics and messages are meaningful and equally humorous.

i recently got into the paper kites, i will be seeing them in a few weeks down in allston, ma. they have a singer-songwriter vibe but still are considered alt rock.

i took this picture earlier this year of grouplove. grouplove is a fantastic group with fantastic energy. their music video for "ways to go" always puts me in a good mood.

as an old school favorite, ween takes the gold. they are absolutely remarkable, entertaining, humorous, and beautiful. 

i also am a huge supporter to deftones, the pixies, james vincent mcmorrow, sarah jaffe, alt-j, sunset rubdown.

as a band to watch id recommend little daylight. i saw them open for the neighbourhood early summer and I'm still addicted to their sound. 

im glad to share my favorites, if you have any to recommend id love to hear them!


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