21 October 2013

night life | the north end

i will not be the first to say boston's north end is simply wonderful. good food, quaint surroundings, fun and interesting people. you cannot go wrong. 

i love boston night life. perhaps it's because boston remains a relatively early-bird city, unlike nyc, most bostonians actually go to bed at a reasonable hour. i am an early riser (at least i try to be) and i never feel alone or outcasted for liking to be in bed before the clock ticks midnight. 

the line at this tiny little place in the north end is ridiculous! every time i pass by there is a line of at least 20 people. i have waited in this line (in the middle of winter) and it was worth it. the food is incredible! you are rushed when eating (its a very small and crammed  place) but it is certainly an experience.

i drink coffee as if it was holy water. i love checking out new cafes. i found this one called equal exchange between the north end and north station and i loved the coffee and the atmosphere. i would definitely recommend it.

friends + coffee = daily joys

i love this city. that is the only way i can explain it. im so gracious to universe for providing me with such opportunity. 


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