09 October 2013

fall inspirations | wildly simple

oh how i love fall, im very simplistic in fall. maybe its my october birthday or the acceptance of scarves, or maybe its the reminder christmas is approaching. fall is very a wonderful time of year, especially in new england.

 these are my new obsessions:

madewell's transport tote | i love this bag, it fits everything i need, its large yet simple and lays on my shoulder comfortably. i would definitely recommend it.

madewell's billie boot | no, madewell isn't paying me, i just love their products. these are super comfortable and lovely, they match everything and provide a polished look.

is it wrong i have started my christmas shopping? and christmas recipe collecting? its october, thats soon enough right? i cant wait for the lights and the snow and my parent's wood stove. my boyfriend and i just booked our late november trip for nyc and i am so excited. im going to spend the whole day in the met. hear that scott? the met, not the natural history museum. (we've been battling over it, he has already lost on a knick's game). im sad jimmy fallon is moving to la, although i am happy for his success, i never got a chance to see him live...maybe one day. 

oh yeah! something exciting happened, my birthday was monday and my boyfriend and i were leaving the movie theatre on the boston commons when out of nowhere comes tom brady and gisele. it was quite fun to experience--tom told me happy birthday (we are on a first-name basis now). 

oh fall, its only been a short while and the magic has already started. 

i shall leave you with this, it makes me smile. till next time friends.


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