28 November 2013

an old country thanksgiving

we hosted thanksgiving this year and it was a lovely day. not only was it a joyous day of good food and good tidings, but it was also my brother's birthday. needless to say, it was a day full of love and cheer (and cake, pie, and lots of turkey). my parents are both old souls (despite their young ages). they love refurbished vintage furniture, records, pyrex, antique books, farms, and their old colonial home. welcome to our new england, country-style thanksgiving in black & white. 

my ma put a huge chalkboard in the entry of the home-- i absolutely adore drawing on it. 
my latest creation:

what i wore: 
vintage christian dior dress (one of my favorite thrifting finds), american appeal tights, black booties (i can't remember where i got them, naughty, i know).

i feel so blessed today; what a wonderful family i have. i hope everyone's day was grand! i look forward to reading about everyday's day; i am thankful for blogging. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


24 November 2013

white riot

i feel so blessed at this point in my life. as the weather gets colder (and i get fatter) i get jollier. doesn't seem to make sense, but it is true. i love the christmas holiday, and don't even get me started on thanksgiving! we will be hosting thanksgiving at my house this year and i am quite excited. i love cooking and baking for the holidays. i have my pinterest board filled with delicious goodness. 

i got a haircut. chopped off close to seven inches, i was hyperventilating in the salon chair, but i was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out. thoughts?

i went out with a girlfriend last night for (epically delicious) sushi. we ate at genki ya and i would definitely recommend it. 

outfit cred: top shop skinnies, nasty gal top, & vintage biker jacket.

i am so excited for the holidays! get ready for many pictures of food & family. 


19 November 2013

brandy alexander

they call this region of the u s of a "new england" for a reason. i find the weather here is very similar to that of the uk. we have many cloudy, rainy, damp days. when i walk into the city with grey skies i hear the huffs and puffs of my fellow locals complaining about how 'dreadful' the weather is. i'm quite the opposite. i love grey skies. i love rain. and i love light damp breezes. i feel the magic in hopping over deep puddles with an umbrella in hand, i feel like i'm in the olden days. i have no idea why that is, it just is what it is. when it rains in new england i just want to cuddle up with my afghan and cozy socks and watch ms. potter with tea in hand (and if i'm being very particular, my cats, birdie & gus, would be by my side as well..and perhaps the wood stove would be lit...and id be able to smell the bread baking in the oven). ah, now i'm craving more rain. 

while it was down pouring i decided to do a series of self portraits while blasting the music of feist for inspiration. i liked the way it turned out. 

because i am overprotective of my camera, i refuse to take it out during a storm. but i took a risk and tried to take pictures of boston pre-rain. the grey skies are apparent, a storm is a-brewin'.

fall is absolutely lovely. i am so blown away by the colors. it is so nice to step away from the harshness of the city streets and take a stroll through the boston public gardens. its like an entirely different world just a few blocks down from me. a hidden gem. i saw this man the other day and he put a smirk on my face. i could try to explain to you what he was doing but it would be too complicated. he was talented though, quite talented indeed.

this is where i go to school. i thought it was about time to introduce to you my oasis. i love my uni, i love every bit of it. growing up i moved all the time, i never had a home. but i have found where i belong, this is my home...thank you emerson college for giving me a chance find happiness and content in one single space.

i've been having some off days lately so it's nice to appreciate the little things in this world. when i'm feeling low i like to look at art, it takes me away and into another life. i got a call today that i was accepted into a 2 month program in london over the summer where i would be studying and working on my fashion resume. such a lovely pick-me-up. the thought of living in london warms my heart. perhaps ill finally have my opportunity.



17 November 2013

paint the sky with stars

oh what a beautiful day! boston was unbelievable. its mid-november but feels like august. i love cloudy skies, it reminds me of the uk (my favorite place in the world). today i met an old friend for coffee and photographs. we went to the boston public gardens and spent the afternoon. we parted ways when the water started falling from the empty sky, we knew darkness was upon us. i met this beaut my senior year of high school and we've been close ever since. she lives just across the commons from me. a lovely gal she is. 

 olivia is wearing a burberry coat (i am absolutely obsessed with it), her jeans shirt and necklace are from jcrew, and her booties are from bp (found at nordstrom). i am happy to announce she is also in love with madewells transport tote so we have the same bag. great minds think alike! olivia is my all time favorite person to shop with; she is a fashion student at fisher college and we have a very similar sense of style. we give it to each other straight, a quality one can only share with a true friend, and i consider this lovely girl a true friend. (plus she shares my undeniable love for iced carmel macchiatos).

i'm next, the weather was so quaint i decided to go with thin tights and a sweater, my favorite sweater to be exact.

im in simple black madewell tights, black suede wedges that i bought years ago, i'm embarrassed to say i can't remember where they are from. my dress is vintage, and my lovely sweater is from jcrew. of course i have my madewell transport tote, and my hat is from an eclectic hat shop in cambridge called goorin bros. if you haven't heard of them you need to check them out: Goorin Bros.

it was such a lovely afternoon, i even ran into some friends filming a short film by mistake--boston is a small city. i love it so incredibly much. happy sunday everyone!

(ps. listen to enya)


15 November 2013

street style | friends

i am quite fond of of taking street style photography. i also love taking photos of my friends, so i decided to combine both. this is jake, he is an adorable, eccentric creature with the best heart. i can't get over his style. i have styled him before (he's quite a lovely model) and the pictures came out beautiful.

paulina is next, she is a bombshell. i keep telling her she needs to pursue modeling. her fashion sense is equally as grand as her looks. 

chantelle is a funky gal. her clothes are always bright and happy. she is also a beaut. 

then there is maddie. this girl is an unbelievable makeup artist. she has a youtube channel y'all should most definitely check out: MadelineKaay Youtube Channel

i got my picture taken too, the weather and light was too lovely for me to resist.

(i'm wearing a jcrew sweater, jcrew jeans, dolce vita booties, and my lovely madewell tote)

there are more to come! so stay tuned. 


10 November 2013

family + food | nh

i have had a rough week, i apologize for the lack of posts. my boyfriend of two years and i broke up and it has took quite a toll on me. the emptiness feeling mixed with an immense load of course work and actual work has been exhausting. i removed myself from the chaos of the city and traveled to nh to regroup. it has been extremely good for me. i spent the weekend cooking and bonding with 4/5 of my siblings (oldest lives in texas). Bubby and i had a star wars marathon, i worked on my little sister's 5th grade science project all day saturday (i know more about a plant cell than i should), and S and i just read books and had dance parties. children truly help you realize what you should be thankful for. i can't wait to have some of my own
(i'm aiming for 9). 

this is S, you've met before but i just can't get enough of him.

i'd like you to meet Bubby, he is the class clown of the family. it is hard to scold him because he just makes you laugh while you try. at least he is a good student. 

i made chicken & dumplings for dinner kudos to the pioneer woman. i would definitely recommend her recipe:

(photo taken from link above) 

my mama made bread, it was maple oat and certainly delicious (as is everything she makes)

it was a lovely weekend. i shall be up and about early tomorrow for my trip back to the city. little breaks from the chaos helps you appreciate it more.


03 November 2013

nyc | sophie

i have had an extremely hectic weekend. it is so nice to just sit, relax, and write. i spent halloween night in salem, ma with my good friends. it was quite an experience, in all my years of traveling, i have never experienced anything quite like it. after an hour of sleep i was off to nyc on a day trip to see my love, sophie. i hadnt seen sophie in nine years. nine years! we met in the netherlands at an international school when i was quite young. she is british and a beaut. seeing her was like we never parted ways, she will always be my best and longest friend. 

we spent the day touring the met, going out to a lovely lunch, then admiring the memorable building standing tall over ground zero.

as i usually do at the met, i cried over the renoirs on display. lucky for me, sophie (who is a wedding photographer back in the uk) cried in the photography section. 

the guggenheim is a gorgeous building. inside lives my favorite picasso. 

for lunch we ate at dean & deluca on the upper east side of manhattan. it was devine. 

i had a wonderful day in a wonderful city with a wonderful gal. saying goodbye is always hard, but i know it wont be nine years until i see her again. 

yesterday was the red sox parade, i had a shoot for em Magazine (i got a gig styling). i had to walk 3 miles towards back bay because the mbta was down for the parade. i found myself running right into big papi on my way. it was fun to watch. congratulations red sox! i am very proud of my city.