10 November 2013

family + food | nh

i have had a rough week, i apologize for the lack of posts. my boyfriend of two years and i broke up and it has took quite a toll on me. the emptiness feeling mixed with an immense load of course work and actual work has been exhausting. i removed myself from the chaos of the city and traveled to nh to regroup. it has been extremely good for me. i spent the weekend cooking and bonding with 4/5 of my siblings (oldest lives in texas). Bubby and i had a star wars marathon, i worked on my little sister's 5th grade science project all day saturday (i know more about a plant cell than i should), and S and i just read books and had dance parties. children truly help you realize what you should be thankful for. i can't wait to have some of my own
(i'm aiming for 9). 

this is S, you've met before but i just can't get enough of him.

i'd like you to meet Bubby, he is the class clown of the family. it is hard to scold him because he just makes you laugh while you try. at least he is a good student. 

i made chicken & dumplings for dinner kudos to the pioneer woman. i would definitely recommend her recipe:

(photo taken from link above) 

my mama made bread, it was maple oat and certainly delicious (as is everything she makes)

it was a lovely weekend. i shall be up and about early tomorrow for my trip back to the city. little breaks from the chaos helps you appreciate it more.


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