17 November 2013

paint the sky with stars

oh what a beautiful day! boston was unbelievable. its mid-november but feels like august. i love cloudy skies, it reminds me of the uk (my favorite place in the world). today i met an old friend for coffee and photographs. we went to the boston public gardens and spent the afternoon. we parted ways when the water started falling from the empty sky, we knew darkness was upon us. i met this beaut my senior year of high school and we've been close ever since. she lives just across the commons from me. a lovely gal she is. 

 olivia is wearing a burberry coat (i am absolutely obsessed with it), her jeans shirt and necklace are from jcrew, and her booties are from bp (found at nordstrom). i am happy to announce she is also in love with madewells transport tote so we have the same bag. great minds think alike! olivia is my all time favorite person to shop with; she is a fashion student at fisher college and we have a very similar sense of style. we give it to each other straight, a quality one can only share with a true friend, and i consider this lovely girl a true friend. (plus she shares my undeniable love for iced carmel macchiatos).

i'm next, the weather was so quaint i decided to go with thin tights and a sweater, my favorite sweater to be exact.

im in simple black madewell tights, black suede wedges that i bought years ago, i'm embarrassed to say i can't remember where they are from. my dress is vintage, and my lovely sweater is from jcrew. of course i have my madewell transport tote, and my hat is from an eclectic hat shop in cambridge called goorin bros. if you haven't heard of them you need to check them out: Goorin Bros.

it was such a lovely afternoon, i even ran into some friends filming a short film by mistake--boston is a small city. i love it so incredibly much. happy sunday everyone!

(ps. listen to enya)



  1. i love the both of your outfits, but i especially love how vintage-esque yours is. i really love your hat, it totally made the outfit!

    xo marlen
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