19 November 2013

brandy alexander

they call this region of the u s of a "new england" for a reason. i find the weather here is very similar to that of the uk. we have many cloudy, rainy, damp days. when i walk into the city with grey skies i hear the huffs and puffs of my fellow locals complaining about how 'dreadful' the weather is. i'm quite the opposite. i love grey skies. i love rain. and i love light damp breezes. i feel the magic in hopping over deep puddles with an umbrella in hand, i feel like i'm in the olden days. i have no idea why that is, it just is what it is. when it rains in new england i just want to cuddle up with my afghan and cozy socks and watch ms. potter with tea in hand (and if i'm being very particular, my cats, birdie & gus, would be by my side as well..and perhaps the wood stove would be lit...and id be able to smell the bread baking in the oven). ah, now i'm craving more rain. 

while it was down pouring i decided to do a series of self portraits while blasting the music of feist for inspiration. i liked the way it turned out. 

because i am overprotective of my camera, i refuse to take it out during a storm. but i took a risk and tried to take pictures of boston pre-rain. the grey skies are apparent, a storm is a-brewin'.

fall is absolutely lovely. i am so blown away by the colors. it is so nice to step away from the harshness of the city streets and take a stroll through the boston public gardens. its like an entirely different world just a few blocks down from me. a hidden gem. i saw this man the other day and he put a smirk on my face. i could try to explain to you what he was doing but it would be too complicated. he was talented though, quite talented indeed.

this is where i go to school. i thought it was about time to introduce to you my oasis. i love my uni, i love every bit of it. growing up i moved all the time, i never had a home. but i have found where i belong, this is my home...thank you emerson college for giving me a chance find happiness and content in one single space.

i've been having some off days lately so it's nice to appreciate the little things in this world. when i'm feeling low i like to look at art, it takes me away and into another life. i got a call today that i was accepted into a 2 month program in london over the summer where i would be studying and working on my fashion resume. such a lovely pick-me-up. the thought of living in london warms my heart. perhaps ill finally have my opportunity.




  1. oh la la <3 those photos are so beautiful <3

  2. boston is so beautiful this time of year! your college looks wonderful and i'm glad to hear you've found a home. <3

    cute & little


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