10 February 2014

stubborn love

blogging in a cafe. that is what i do. im enjoying a warm croissant and the most delicious mocha latte the world has ever known on a tiny wooden round table at boston common coffee co. i'm planning my trip to the uk and catching up of some much over-due reading. (naturally its fitzgerald). i find myself writing down quotes more than actually reading. he is just so brilliant. 
"Well, I can't describe her exactly--except to say that she was beautiful. She was-- tremendously alive". 
"And in the end, we were all just humans...drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness"  
"I wish I'd done everything on this earth with you"
Oh Fitzgerald...you make me swoon.
yesterday was a good day of picture taking, cambridge exploring, and friend hanging. a new (and very lovely) friend of mine picked me up and we went out to brunch at the friendly toast in cambridge; if you're ever in the area and looking for a good place to eat i'd definitely recommend it...just expect a long wait. we then spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures around the charles and harvard square. 

god i love harvard square. i'm apartment hunting in the area. fingers crossed i find something good!
in the evening i met with my good friend and we just took funny pictures together. 
i love photographing her, we tend to be really immature when we are together but that's the fun in our friendship. everyone needs someone to laugh at their dirty jokes and awkward dance moves. it helps that she is a bombshell so photographing her is rather easy.

i'm very self critical of pictures of myself but i love this one. i think it just categorizes me perfectly. messy hair (i never do my hair), awkward stance, and double-chinned laugh. not to mention, (despite my weird thing against outfit repeating) i wear these overalls all the time. they are my favorite.



  1. cafes and blogging is really life. I love finding new spots in new cities, sitting and finding inspiration from all the interesting individouls that come in and out.

    love all the black and white photos in this post.

    Eric Jess

  2. coffee, fitzgerald, planning a trip and that amazing winter wonderland scenario.... it all sounds delightful, pretty pics.... enjoy!

  3. All of these pictures are so dreamy!
    xo TJ


  4. you look super cute and super natural in those pictures, loved them! btw, wonderful places wow

  5. Beautiful photos darling!
    Do you wanna follow each other?


  6. God I wanna be where you are with all that snow!
    Beautiful photos!
    And I love the quotes.


  7. Wow your Pictures are soooooo creative!!!!
    May you like to follow each other :)


  8. love it!

  9. Eating a delicious croissant and enjoying a cup of coffee is definitely the best way to spend your day. And it's certainly a welcome distraction while you're searching for a new apartment. How is it, anyway? I hope you found an apartment that fits your needs!

    Juana Adams @ Manage My Property


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