02 February 2014

sail to the sun

ive learned over the years that a lot of people can't figure me out. i seem to be all over the map. on the one side there's this girl who loves makeup and jcrew and watches sex in the city everyday then there's this free spirit who is obsessed with live hardcore music and does graffiti on week nights (sorry you're finding out this way mom). its like during the day im cuddled on the couch with tea in hand admiring julia child and beatrix potter while reading fitzgerald then at night im blasting metal and drawing skeletons. this past week i've finally decided it doesn't matter. i don't have to be one thing. so here are 10 facts about me, the things i am certain about: 1) i love art. art of all kinds. renoir is my favorite artist but i follow modern day graffiti artists like im going to be tested on them.  2) i love fashion. from vans to louboutins. one day im in paint splatted overalls with vans and the next im in sky high heels and a princess dress. 3) my two favorite movies are return of the jedi and peter pan. 4) i would make bread every day if i had the time. 5) my old fashioned, 50s housewife (in the best possible way) mom is my best friend. 6) if i dont have at least 5 kids but the time im thirty ill be disappointed. 7) i wouldn't be a fun person to be around if coffee didn't exist. 8) i keep a sketchbook with me at all times. 9) i have an abnormal love for anything with the union jack flag on it. 10) id rather see the world and have a family than be wealthy. 

anyways, here's a collection of images that sums up my past week. from live music to coffee shop art galleries to graffiti hunting with friends.

mural by os gemeos in boston.

what i wore: vintage fozzie bear t shirt, urban outfitters flight suit, betsy johnson socks, & vans.

it was a good week, i hope to have many more like it. 


  1. Gorgeous photos! You are stunning, and this looks like an amazing time :) I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  2. You are sweet Mags! Your life is so exciting and I love when you are home making bread and catching me up on all the details of Boston! BFF!

  3. Nice!!!




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